Who’s on my business Mount Rushmore?

Great question.

I’d say Jack Welsh, Gary Vm Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk.

I think of Steven Jobs. He understood in business you gotta convince people and influence people to buy this product.

I really like the openness and accountability of Gary Vaynerchuk, because I think, the only way, to sustain for long term is the accountability, the transparency.

And being a complete open book. That’s the only way.

I would say Jack Welsh, he would have everything just on one piece of paper.

It was to the bottom line, this division is working. Oh no, it’s not. It’s not hitting its targets. Okay, collapse it. Done.

And then the last one, would be Elon Musk for me. I always keep going back to sustainability and I think. He turned his fear, I guess, into excitement and he just goes every day with passion.