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Moshe Means Business Blog

About this blog

As a thriving businessman who owns and operates a real estate investment and management firm, Moshe makes critical decisions every single day. Whether it’s analyzing the viability of a potential property, executing difficult contract negotiations, or overseeing a team that includes more than 400 employees, he certainly has his finger on the pulse of what it takes to run a business.

Given his wealth of experience and his unwavering desire to give back and empower others, Moshe is proud to provide a series of tips, strategies, and keen insight to entrepreneurs everywhere.

Notable posts

  • Hustle Culture and Knowing When to Slow Down – Moshe believes that “hustle culture” is destroying entrepreneurship because, simply put, we are not robots. Rather than constantly move 100 miles per hour, Moshe encourages you to take a breath, slow down, and set up proper foundational practices.
  • The Mindset of a Long-Term Investor – The only way to truly build real wealth in real estate is by having the mindset of a long-term holder. You want to hold property for at least ten years. And don’t just do it with your home; do it with an office building or a multifamily complex.
  • Being Persistent in Business – In real estate, much as in life, always remember that ‘no’ is the beginning of ‘yes.’ Moshe shares a story of his first ‘no’ ultimately became a life-changing ‘yes’ and offers valuable insight on the proper way to be persistent.
  • Kobe Bryant’s Work Ethic – To Kobe, it was never about winning or losing; it was always about “the work.” Moshe, with a nod to Kobe, explains why your reward has to be the work. You can’t get emotionally attached to the highs and the lows; instead go all-in on the process.

New “Moshe Means Business” blog posts launch weekly. And, if there’s a topic you’d like Moshe to cover in his blog just head to his Instagram page and drop him a line.