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The Pentagon in Washington, DC

National Security: A Prerequisite For Our Nation To Thrive

Our national security will always be the bedrock to our values and our great future.

Given the numerous challenges to our national interests, we must be consistently vigilant and prepared to deal with external threats of all sorts, in an ever complex and changing world. There are several national security priorities.

  • Preserving and continuously ensuring homeland security, particularly border security;
  • Monitoring and combating terrorism from state and non-state actors;
  • Preparing for and activating strategies against bio terrorism and viral pandemics;
  • Implementing a broad-based domestic and international counterterrorism plan;
  • Fighting transnational crime, cyber-crime, and maintaining cyber security;
  • Securing and enhancing America’s economic power globally;
  • Countering major economic competitors like China;
  • Maintaining key international alliances with bilateral and multilateral partners;
  • Fortifying American energy dominance.

Here, as Moshe sees them, are some of the primary benefits of fortifying our national security:

Economic prosperity hinges on national security. A secure environment attracts foreign investments, encourages economic growth, and fosters trade relationships. Without adequate security, we may become vulnerable to disruptions that can cripple our economy, leading to unemployment, poverty, and social unrest.

National security is integral to the preservation of our values and our way of life. It ensures that the principles, freedoms, and democratic institutions that define America remain intact. In the face of external pressures, a robust security apparatus becomes the guardian of these fundamental aspects, safeguarding the essence of our great nation.

Lastly, national security is indispensable for long-term strategic planning and development. A secure nation can focus on education, innovation, and infrastructure without constantly grappling with immediate threats. This dynamic, forward-looking approach enables America to invest in our future, building a strong foundation for generations to come.

In essence, national security is not merely a luxury but a necessity—a fundamental prerequisite for our nation to thrive, prosper, and uphold the values that define our identity. National security allows America’s flame of progress to burn brightly, ensuring a resilient and secure future for all our citizens.

Moshe proposes that we continue to focus on enhancing America’s economic competitiveness through free trade and market innovation. Through this clear strategy, we can continue to protect the nation’s vital interests and economic security. America must be at the forefront in order to maintain our global position and recognize that our nation can only be secure if we maintain our economic dominance.

Moshe has been blessed and honored to interview military veterans on his Common Denominator podcast. These brave and selfless veterans are true heroes and, on behalf of a grateful nation, Moshe is truly appreciative for their sacrifice and courage. Here’s an interview Moshe conducted with Purple Heart recipient and military hero, Sgt. Noah Galloway (Ret). Noah lost his left arm and left leg in Iraq. But he persevered and overcame depression to write a memoir, grace the cover of Men’s Health, and inspire millions of people along the way. Moshe hopes this interview touches you and inspires you as much as it did him.