Two children in wheelborrow

Moshe working with small children

Children and Moshe working in garden

In large part due to his gratitude for the success of his business, and driven by a lifelong philosophy of giving back, Moshe Popack has been a generous contributor to his community. It is a fundamental spirit of his life and his family’s value system. For that reason, the Popacks established the YMP Family Foundation and support of many other philanthropic initiatives, Moshe has sought to impart hope to others and demonstrate his commitment to improving his community.

A firm believer in empowerment, Moshe has also strived to help communities by providing opportunities to be self-sustaining.

The YMP Family Foundation, with the aim to create a healthier America, has undertaken several initiatives to promote healthy nutrition and access to fresh food options. He and his wife, Yaffa, provided the initial funding to open the Miami Kosher Supermarket in North Miami, which offers families access to reasonably priced, healthy food.

A cornerstone of the YMP Family Foundation is a community garden program developed by Moshe and Yaffa, which they call “Neighborhood Farms”, a model program currently being launched across the YMP residential portfolio in five states, with designs to encourage its adoption in others apartment complexes throughout the United States.

The plan is elegantly simple: provide hexagonal, raised flower beds in community apartment space, for the planting of organic vegetables and fruits, which are provided to residents without cost and on a honor system. Residents are given full access and participate in caring for the gardens.

At many of the multi-family residential complexes, the youngest residents, often from low-income homes are learning not only about gardening but also healthy nutrition and the environment.

By providing spaces which offer healthy organic foods free of pesticides and/or herbicides, the Popacks are laying a foundation for a stronger community and fostering a greater sense of community throughout the residences. They are building healthy communities, one neighborhood at a time.

Moshe and kids