Purple heart recipient and military hero, Noah Galloway, lost his left arm and left leg in Iraq. But he persevered and overcame depression to write a memoir, grace the cover of Men’s Health, compete on Dancing With The Stars, and inspire millions of people along the way.


3:00 – How Noah turned his injuries into a powerful “No Excuses” mantra.

5:35 – Noah shares the devastating story of how he lost his arm and leg.

9:00 – The depression Noah experienced after leaving the hospital.

11:00 – Noah changed his life to be better for his kids.

14:00 – How Noah adapted his gym routine and inspired others.

16:00 – Noah shares his experiences on “Dancing with The Stars”

18:30 – Why Noah started his charitable fund.

22:10 – Noah opens up about his depression.

26:00 – The importance of physical fitness to heal your body and mind.

30:00 – Why Noah is so grateful for his family.