In 2001, Ryan Zofay was addicted to drugs and nearly died in a car accident. When he woke from a coma, he vowed to change his life. Now, he’s healthy and thriving, and runs multiple treatment centers guiding people on their paths to recovery.


1:55 – Ryan talks about the night he was pronounced dead.

5:30 – How the traumatic events of Ryan’s childhood set the stage for the problems he’d soon have.

7:40 – How Ryan’s “rock bottom” moment was actually a moment of peace; and it led to his sobriety.

13:15 – Why faith, and a belief in something greater, is a core component of sobriety.

15:43 – Ryan replaced drugs and alcohol with greed, ego, and gambling and it – once again – almost cost him his life.

20:24 – Ryan shares his daily process to stay sober and healthy, and why his cold plunge each morning is crucial.

25:13 – Ryan tells us about his rehab facilities and the work he’s doing to help people on their journeys to sobriety.

27:00 – This year alone, his facilities will serve 10,000 drug addicts, alcoholics, and people suffering from mental illness.

29:40 – Ryan’s goal is to help one million people a year.

32:15 – Why Ryan is “deeply grateful” for all the childhood traumas he experienced.