Dr. Meredith Broderick, aka the “Sound Sleep Guru” is a triple board-certified sleep doctor. She discusses numerous sleep issues including the benefits of napping, the pros and cons of co-sleeping, how to control nightmares, and how much sleep we truly need.


2:30 – Why TV and cell phones cause so many sleep problems.

4:00 – How important are your mattress, pillows, and sheets?

5:20 – How poor diet impacts our jaw strength and leads to snoring and apnea.

8:30 – Some of the holistic ways to treat sleep disorders.

10:45 – Her advice on co-sleeping.

13:00 – Snoring in children; what it can mean, and what to do about it.

14:30 – How many hours of sleep does the average adult need?

18:45 – What causes nightmares, and how can you control them?

23:15 – How Dr. Broderick’s new skin cleanser helps people who wear sleep apnea masks.

25:45 – When she’s not helping people sleep better, Dr. Broderick has literally climbed some of the most majestic mountains in the world.