You may not know this, but poor oral health is linked to heart disease, dementia, and more. Dr. Desiree Yazdan breaks down why you must visit the dentist regularly, how to improve your oral care at home, and the best strategies for whitening your teeth and enhancing your smile.


2:00 – Overall health problems caused by poor oral hygiene.

4:15 – Why you need to get your silver fillings replaced from time to time.

5:15 – Why it’s crucial to go to the dentist multiple times a year.

7:30 – How getting X-rays can save you from serious problems.

11:00 – Are cavities genetic or based on the foods you eat?

13:30 – How can we motivate kids to practice good oral hygiene?

16:00 – Should you use whitening strips?

20:00 – How cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

25:00 – How Dr. Yazdan became fascinated with dentistry.

27:00 – How she helps other doctors grow their businesses.

30:00 – Her hidden talents and hobbies might surprise you!