Dr. Sanjay Juneja is a triple-board certified hematologist and oncologist, and the Chief of Oncology Service at Baton Rouge Hospital. He’ll discuss the game-changing developments helping doctors identify, and destroy, cancer cells much earlier. Plus, we’ll discuss holistic ways to prevent – and treat – cancer.


2:05 – Why targeted therapy has oncologists so optimistic right now.

4:20 – How standard chemotherapy works.

7:00 – Potential side effects of chemo and radiation.

9:00 – What does the future of cancer care look like?

11:20 – How diet, lifestyle, and genetics impact cancer rates.

16:45 – The decision-making process if you have BRCA1 or BRCA2.

19:55 – Is immunotherapy for you? What you need to know.

23:00 – What are the top things we can do to prevent cancer?

28:30 – How Dr. Juneja processes the emotional part of his job.

33:00 – Why he’s abundantly grateful every day of his life.