Elisha Covey is the co-founder of an eight-figure business portfolio, including a company she scaled 4000% in less than five years. She has expert strategies on building a business, working with your spouse, and achieving work-life balance.


1:40 – What Elisha learned from her first business, owning bakeries.

4:30 – Should you really “follow your passion” when deciding to launch a business?

5:30 – Balancing your masculine and feminine energies, and how that translates to entrepreneurship.

7:20 – Elisha and Moshe both work with their spouses. They discuss how to successfully pull it off.

9:25 – Elisha breaks down her business portfolio and some of the new projects she’s taking on.

12:00 – Dealing with – and overcoming – the frustrations of starting a new company, especially when your partner is your spouse.

15:55 – Elisha talks about the entrepreneurial mindset and how she’s had it since she was a kid.

20:40 – What CEO’s look for when hiring someone.

24:30 – Why mentorship and business coaching are so important to Elisha.

31:00 – How to learn more about Elisha and hire her as your business coach.