Ganesh Padmanabhan is an expert in ChatGPT and artificial intelligence. He’ll explain how the current technological evolution impacts our everyday lives and how it will shape our future. Plus, we discuss how to regulate it and how to use A.I. as a source for good, not evil.


1:30 – What Ganesh makes of ChatGPT and why it’s taken so long to get here.

4:50 – Why ChatGPT is now a foundational piece of the future of A.I.

8:50 – Why ChatGPT sometimes gives offensive answers, and what – if anything – can be done about it.

12:45 – For the first time ever, you have a dialogue engine that is showcasing creativity, just like humans do.

13:40 – How can A.I., from a practical perspective, make our lives better?

17:15 – Are we going to become Cyborgs in the future?

21:20 – Is the government doing enough to regulate A.I.?

26:40 – We’re going to need a combination of self-governance, corporate governance and federal governance in this space.

27:30 – How Ganesh’s company “Autonomize” merges A.I. with healthcare to improve doctor and patient experiences.

30:00 – Why Ganesh is so passionate about mentorship.

32:00 – Ganesh shares a pretty cool fact about his hidden talent.