Adam Von Rothfelder’s career path has taken him from professional mixed martial arts fighting, to personal training, to Versace modeling, to his current role as the Founder and CEO of STRONG Coffee. He’ll share fascinating facts about coffee’s health benefits, what most of us get wrong about coffee, and what his personal journey has taught him about resilience, hard work, and gratitude.


3:45 – The numerous health benefits of coffee.

6:45 – Why Adam considers STRONG coffee to be “coffee with a chaperone.”

9:00 – Adam’s background as a professional MMA fighter, and how that helped him land an NBC show.

12:30 – The customer-first philosophy Adam used to build his personal training business, and how you can use the same idea to build your business.

15:20 – Adam’s advice on how teenagers should train in the gym.

18:35 – Adam’s very surprising answer on which martial arts discipline is the best.

21:35 – How Adam’s losses have shaped who he is as a person and shaped his greatest successes.

23:50 – Adam shares a secret about his life he’s never spoken about before.