Dr. Brett Osborn is a board-certified neurosurgeon and is board-certified in anti-aging medicine. He’s also the founder of Senolytix, where his goal is to give patients two additional years of healthy life! He’s got expert strategies to help you feel great longer, while hitting the pause button on aging. You’ll learn improved methods to enhance your physical and mental fitness, reduce stress, sleep better, and eat a diet that will make you feel – and look – fantastic.

Why Americans aren’t as healthy as we should be:

“I think the population is (largely) uneducated regarding their ability to prevent diseases. I think doctors, as a whole in the healthcare system, do a bad job of educating patients. Also, people don’t always want to know because they would rather look for the quick fix, as there is an element of laziness in society today. And, quite frankly – and I’m not someone who is an advocate of socialized medicine – but a lot of these countries that are healthier than the United States, they, en masse, are educating their population as to the benefits of prevention and a healthy lifestyle.”

What doctors look for in patients:

“We want people that are interested, that are invested, that are critical thinkers. People who are looking around, they are researching, they are asking appropriate questions … and that’s how we (collectively) better our health, not only individually, but as a whole. It’s just a matter of finding these people and teaching them that there is another way, a better way.”

What he emphasizes at Senolytix:

“I’m going to give you the top two mainstays of treatment: First, it’s cleanup the nutrition. You want to have that nutrition optimized. And then secondly, it’s strength training. And I am not talking about exercise being activity, like walking on a treadmill. That does not count. I am talking about strength training! And let me segregate that even further: heavy strength training. We want to go into our later years with as much muscle – not bodybuilding muscle – with as much muscle, relatively speaking, as possible. Muscle is where our resilience lies. Muscle allows us to fight off disease.”

The core message of his book, “Get Serious”:

“It has to do with personal empowerment. You can be a better version of yourself. You don’t have to fall victim to these diseases. You don’t have to be a statistic. And the foundations of that book are the foundations of this clinic, which are nutrition, strength training, medications, supplements, and making sure you’re keeping your stress levels down. Those are really the five foundations.”

Keep Your Joints Mobile:

“One of the things that you find out very quickly about power lifting is that one of the best ways not to get injured and to take care of your joints as you get older is to make sure that your joints remain as mobile as possible. Pilates probably grants you that, and it makes your joints feel good, and it’s little to no impact – which is different than power lifting, which tends to be a little more traumatic on the joints. But one of the ways that you can mitigate that is by staying mobile and doing things like Pilates, or anything that is really geared toward getting the joints mobile. And that, unto itself, will thwart the development of the degenerative processes that affect joints, like arthritis.”