Remember the film “War Dogs” about two South Florida guys who became international arms dealers? Well, our guest is David Packouz – one of the guys whose life inspired the film! He’ll tell us about being an arms dealer, the fascinating process by which military contracts are won, and how his inventions have revolutionized music and the way we floss our teeth.


2:00 – How a guy who didn’t even like guns became an arms dealer

5:30 – The fascinating process by which military arms contracts are won

12:00 – Is there “dark money” in the US government, and where does it go?

14:00 – Do arms dealers get paid in cash on-site??

16:45 – What David learned from his experience and how it’s changed him.

22:20 – His “Beat Buddy” musical invention is a drum machine in a foot pedal and will change the way you play music. You’ll never need a live drummer again.

28:00 – His latest invention “Instafloss” is a water flosser that cleans your entire mouth in ten seconds! It’s easy to use and cleans every tooth.

34:00 – David is one of nine children, and currently works with four of his brothers. He explains how his family has stayed so close.

38:00 – How David got over his crippling stage fright and public speaking.