Tiffany Miranda is the founder of the nonprofit “Girls Make Beats,” which teaches girls to become the next generation of DJ’s, producers, and engineers and empowers them to thrive in a male-dominated industry.


1:30 – Tiffany learned at a young age that music was a male-dominated industry.

4:40 – The incredibly important reason Tiffany created “Girls Make Beats.”

5:50 – How girls can thrive in “Girls Make Beats.”

8:10 – The life lessons the girls learn transcend music.

11:00 – Tiffany shares her favorite success story from the program.

13:30 – How men can help champion this worthy cause.

17:00 – Tiffany’s advice for adults who want to learn music.

19:50 – Tiffany’s advice for kids trying to break into the music industry.

24:00 – How you can donate to, or enroll your child in, “Girls Make Beats.”