Moshe Popack isn’t just the host of “Common Denominator,” he’s also a successful real estate entrepreneur and the father of ten kids. In this episode, he shares the secret sauce that helped his business become one of Florida’s most influential real estate companies. Plus, Moshe explains how he and his wife carve out time each day to make each of their kids feel special, and why it’s so important to trust your gut in business and with your family.

1:15 – What’s harder: running a business or having ten kids?

2:35 – The humble beginnings of YMP Real Estate Management.

4:30 – How Moshe overcame numerous obstacles when closing his first deal.

5:45 – Why it’s so important to trust your gut.

11:00 – How to decide what – and when – to delegate.

13:45 – You can’t be afraid to fail.

15:45 – Why you need to stay emotionally stable in business.

20:00 – You can thrive in business without being a “businessperson.”

22:25 – The surprising trait Moshe looks for when hiring someone.

24:00 – What is Moshe’s dream job?

25:40 – What one song would Moshe play on piano at Madison Square Garden?