Jody Stoski is a paramedical tattoo artist who helps people regain their confidence and joy by camouflaging their surgical scars, skin grafts, acne scars, stretch marks, and more. She’ll tell us how the process works, and how you – or someone you love – can benefit.


2:00 – How paramedical tattooing differs from body tattooing.

4:00 – How Jody helps cancer patients regain self-confidence.

6:15 – How Jody manages the emotional aspect of the work she does.

8:20 – Jody explains how to cover up a cleft lip and a skin graft.

12:50 – How Jody’s own brush with cancer inspired her to help others.

17:00 – Jody describes the most interesting case she’s done.

19:00 – The technical process behind how paramedical tattooing works.

20:15 – How you can learn paramedical tattooing from Jody’s academy.