Will Gadd is the first person in the world to ice climb Niagara Falls, a former paragliding world distance record holder, and an X-Games champion. Despite his adventurous spirit, he’s keenly aware of fear and risk. He offers expert advice on how you can manage those emotions and thrive.


1:55 – How Will’s childhood in the Canadian Rockies shaped his future.

4:00 – Will has high levels of fear. Here’s how he copes with it.

7:30 – How Will uses negative emotions to dig in and work harder.

9:00 – What Will is most proud of in his incredible career.

12:00 – How complicated the Niagara Falls climb truly was.

14:00 – Will climbed Kilimanjaro twice. Here’s what he took from that.

17:30 – Will is headed to Antarctica next.

21:30 – Will’s advice on how companies can take calculated risks.

25:00 – Moshe and Will discuss why it’s okay for businesses to fail sometimes.

27:00 – Will’s advice on how you can overcome fear.