Mike Chang is the founder of “Flow 60,” the all-in-one practice to become more peaceful, release negative emotions, and workout your entire body in sixty minutes or less. He’s also an expert in increasing strength, endurance, cardio, and flexibility while helping people connect deeper within themselves towards inner peace and calm. In this episode, he lays out the blueprint to create a stronger, more confident mind in 2024.

On why you shouldn’t ever skip a workout day:

“People know that it’s important to exercise, just like they know it’s important to eat healthy and all that. But people – a lot of times – skip because they’re looking to get a ‘good’ workout in. But they don’t have the energy for it, and they don’t have the time for it. And so, instead of doing something they just end up skipping and say, ‘I’m just going to do it tomorrow when I can get a really good workout in,’ And so, that leads to two days and three days and eventually people fall off that wagon. … But, regarding ‘something is better than nothing,’ it’s really important to realize that’s not just on the physical, but also mentally. When we work out there’s clarity, our energy is moving, and that’s why our mind needs it.”

Hacks to stretch and breathe while sitting in your office chair:

“Let’s say someone is sitting in their chair and they have a tight lower back. There are a couple of stretches that are really easy to do that they can do right there in their chair. They can literally cross their leg (on their lap) and bend forward and start to release the tension in their glutes and their back. They can also bring their knees to their back and start to release the tension in their back. … And if they wanted to go and move some energy without even getting up, they can just do some simple breathing. They can just breathe in and out heavily, in with the nose and out with the mouth. They can do another one that just focuses on exhaling. In through the nose, and out through one nostril. There are so many simple things that don’t involve having to be somewhere fancy or anything.”

Mike’s personal process when he needs to make an important decision:

“I have a lot of tools. I have access to so many different things. And, so, most of the time I’ll just do practice. I’ll start, I’ll hop, I’ll do the drop-down arms, I’ll do the Flow 60 practice. Basically, four parts. I vibrate the body, I shake, I breathe, And, basically all I’m doing is moving stagnated energy. And I’m getting the tension in my body to release. Which then basically means that this energetic container, this body, can house a higher frequency of energy. Now, this higher frequency of energy is basically changing my state of mind, which means I have an expanded awareness state of mind. Which, now, If I want to figure out a problem or see it in a new perspective, I have the state of mind to see it in.”

His new Flow 60 practice and how it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done:

“What it is, is five training methods put together in a 60-minute practice. It consists of 60 moves done in 60 minutes, and a person does it twice a day. It changes the physical body by increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance. It increases energy in the body by getting rid of all the density by changing the energetic frequency. And it helps us silence our mind so we can become more present and we’re able to connect to ourselves. There are seven training principles that we apply to the practice, and by doing so we’re able to train the body while training the mind at the same time.”