You were born perfect but subsequently “hacked” by the outside world and all its nonsense. Here’s how to unhack yourself to clear out the clutter, create immeasurable success and abundance, and improve your health and wellbeing in the process.

We’ve all been hacked:

“There’s this realization that we have all, collectively, been hacked. And individually as well. Whether we are aware of it or not – and the majority of people are not – it’s the way that we are born. We are born perfect, and complete, and we come into this reality as a baby without any preconceived notions, any ideas or ideals, or any patterns. And then, society, and family, and all the well wishers and educators, and all the systems that we’re part of end up programming who we are.”

How Helen unhacked herself:

“When I began to recognize that someone else’s truth was what I was responding to, I began to rewrite it in my consciousness, and then I was able to start shifting out of that in my outward reality. So, that’s how I was able to build the whole method as I was also teaching my clients to do the same. Because you don’t have to keep living from someone else’s truths, and certainly if it’s not serving you. You can totally choose to live your own story and to rewrite your own story.”

Interacting with family as you become unhacked:

“The interaction certainly doesn’t have to change. They are who they are, and they can live their truth. Although interestingly, when you individually change and evolve, because we’re all energetically connected, the people around you also tend to change and shift. And sometimes people will fall away from your life just by the virtue that it becomes an energetic mismatch and misalignment, but generally, especially when it’s close family members, they tend to shift because it’s something that’s inevitable. You change your patterns, and the family begins to sense it and then they see the difference in who you’ve become.”

Taking accountability is the first step:

“Yeah, that is definitely the first step. Bringing the awareness and the responsibility to yourself, and starting to ask yourself, ‘Why is this my story, and how am I creating that, and what am I choosing for myself?’ So, I developed what I call the STEER method and the ‘R’, which is the last step, is the results that we experience in our life. So basically, I always teach everyone, if something in your life doesn’t feel good and you can’t seem to create the success, or abundance, or relationship that you’re looking for, reverse engineer it. Go back to how you got into that result. And interestingly, the first step is the story. The story of ‘What story am I repeating to myself, and to the outside world over and over?’ And it tends to be, if we’re truly honest, some story of victimhood.”

We live in our stories:

“We are energetic beings that do have our own physical, human experience. And, as such, we do live in our story. And we live in a certain thought loop, and our emotions end up affecting who we are and how we attract people into our lives. And, in turn, that changes our whole energetic vibration and, again, creates the results that we experience.”