Dan Candell, aka “The Anxiety Relief Guy”, breaks down our top three sources of stress and gives us actionable strategies to quickly overcome them, including self-hypnosis.


1:50 – The top three sources of stress.

3:30 – The key difference between stress and anxiety.

6:15 – Physical and psychological effects of chronic stress.

10:00 – How Dan incorporates hypnosis into anxiety relief.

13:40 – You can actually relieve anxiety quickly.

16:45 – Dan gives Moshe a hypnosis exercise.

18:00 – How you can self-hypnotize.

21:00 – How proper diet reduces anxiety.

24:30 – Strategies to overcome social anxiety.

28:00 – “Bilateral stimulation” is a great way to reduce stress.

31:00 – “Hypnotic persuasion” can help you win people’s business.

35:00 – Minimizing negative reactions to uncomfortable memories.

37:00 – Dan shares a private memory he’s never told an audience.