Tony Horton is a legend in the personal fitness industry. He’s the creator of P90X which revolutionized how people work out from home and, to date, his programs have amassed over $500 million in sales. He’ll discuss all that, plus his latest program “The Power of Four,” his latest book “The Big Picture,” and insight on how you can get in the best shape of your life.


2:15 – Tony shares his personal health and wellness regimen: everything from fitness to sleep to recovery.

5:30 – Tony moved to LA with $400, but with a relentless determination to succeed.

7:15 – Tony tells us how he landed his first celebrity client.

11:00 – His list of A-list clients will blow your mind.

13:10 – How Tony created the concept of P90X.

17:00 – Excellent advice for older people to improve their balance and flexibility.

19:00 – How Tony defines mindfulness, and why it’s critical to good health.

20:35 – Tony details his grueling battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

22:35 – Tony gives us key takeaways from his book “The Big Picture.”

27:00 – Tony crafts the blueprint to reverse-engineer success.

32:00 – Tony expresses his tremendous gratitude for his wife.