Phil Daru is one of the most respected MMA trainers in the world. In fact, he’s a five-time “MMA Trainer of the Year.” He also trains NFL players, world champion boxers, and Olympic athletes. And while he focuses largely on getting them in optimal physical shape, he also helps them develop warrior mindsets – that permeate throughout their lives. So, if you’re looking to become mentally tougher to achieve more personally and professionally, get ready to learn from the master. 

Focus on What You Can Control:

“When I was a kid, it was just like, you know, get after it. Hard work, effort, and those are the things that you can always control. For me now, it’s like controlling those variables, controlling what I can control, as opposed to worrying about the things that I can’t. And so, mindset-wise, I’m able to understand that I have the abilities. I have the know-how. I have the skillset, because it’s been acquired through the time that I have spent in the gym, or in the books. And, for me, knowing myself is the key. So, if I know my talents, if I know what God has given me, what I’ve been able to do on this earth, and now increasing that over time, that allows me to stay mentally locked in.”

Why You Must Truly Know Yourself:

“I think it’s because of the fact that when you know who you are, you know where you want to go, and you know what you’re going to need to do to get there. Like I said, that was the major turning point in my life – when I found out exactly what I needed to do because of who I was. When I know myself, I know exactly what I need to do and how I need to block out the noise in order for me to focus in on the task. And then when you can focus and you clear away all the clutter, you can see the vision in its full transparency and go for it.”

Finding Your Purpose in Life:

“I think when you find your purpose in life in general, like what exactly are we doing here, why are we actually here at all … and whatever your thoughts are, whatever your beliefs are, it’s really about finding that one particular aspect of your thought process and then from there, it’s putting together a gameplan, just like you would in any fight, just like you would in any sport. We have to figure out: what’s going to be the best way to win this game, and that’s the game of life.”

Separating Good From Great:

“I’ve worked with the best athletes in the world, the best fighters in the world, world champions, and the best thing that they’re able to do … and I separate them from good to great because good fighters are good. They have the talent; they have the athletic ability. They may have the skillset. … But they don’t have the mental capacity to withstand the noise. And the ones that can, they block that out. Even on the biggest stages, they’re able to do so and perform at a high level. It takes somebody to understand, ‘this is my job, this is what I’ve been put here to do, this is what I get paid to do, I need to take advantage of the situation and block out all the other things that aren’t going to take me to my end goal.’”