Dr. Brad Schaeffer is a prominent foot and ankle surgeon and one of the stars of the hit TLC series “My Feet Are Killing Me.” We discuss what it’s like to be a TV star, why he’s so passionate about physical – and mental – fitness, and tips on choosing the perfect sneaker.


1:40 – Yes, people always ask him about their feet. Here’s how he handles it.

2:50 – How a love of baseball guided Brad to a career in podiatry.

5:25 – Why your feet are the key to your overall health.

7:25 – Brad explains some of the most complicated – and gross – medical cases he’s ever seen.

10:30 – How Brad ended up on TLC’s hit show “My Feet Are Killing Me” and how it’s changed his life.

14:00 – Why physical fitness is so important to Brad and the training regimen he believes is best.

17:20 – Brad talks about how Men’s Health approached him for their “Ultimate Guy Search.”

20:00 – Brad shares his coming-out journey and how his religious upbringing made it even harder.

22:36 – Brad’s expert advice on choosing the perfect shoe.

27:15 – Brad shares his favorite guilty pleasure with us.