Brandon Steiner is arguably the most prolific figure in the history of sports memorabilia and collectibles. He’ll share expert insight on this booming industry, tell us about the most expensive piece he ever sold, and shed light on if NFTs are a sound investment.


2:04 – Brandon explains the difference between collectibles and memorabilia.

4:20 – Do NFT’s have a future in the collectible market?

8:00 – Why nostalgia is such a powerful force in the memorabilia industry.

8:53 – Brandon tells us which item he sold for $775,000.

13:00 – The story behind how Brandon invented the Everything Bagel.

16:00 – Brandon’s take on why people just can’t seem to make good bagels anymore.

20:00 – How Brandon’s business evolved and why his customers have stayed so loyal to him.

23:00 – Brandon believes nothing is more important in life than helping others.