Dave Aizer is a TV Host, lifestyle correspondent, and a guy who was “pregnant” for a weekend. A few months ago, Dave’s pregnant wife pointed out that he wasn’t being empathetic enough. So, they agreed he would wear a pregnancy belly for a weekend to get a sense of what women go through. Dave shares what he learned from the experience, how it’s increased his appreciation for women, and why he NEVER wants to do it again.

3:10 – Why Dave agreed to wear an empathy pregnancy belly.

5:20 – How much did the belly weigh?

7:30 – How did the “sleeping” part of the experiment go?

9:00 – In addition to sleeping, what were some of the toughest activities to do while “pregnant”?

12:00 – What did Dave learn from this experience?

14:35 – Moshe has ten kids. What have his wife’s experiences with pregnancy been like?

17:20 – Why Dave thinks every guy should wear an empathy belly.

24:50 – What Dave is grateful for.