Want to be more focused, confident, and mentally disciplined? Dr. Patrick Porter is an expert in brain performance and has dedicated his life to mastering the mind. He explains how to achieve better brain fitness, overcome stress, manage pain, sleep better, and more.


1:50 – How “neuroplasticity” enables us to remold our brains

3:30 – The staggering amount of information we process every second

5:00 – Don’t ignore your “heart brain” and your “gut brain.” They’re crucial to our overall mental and physical health.

9:00 – It doesn’t do us any good to play the victim card. We need to be victors, not victims.

13:30 – How “Brain Tap” helps you optimize your brain’s performance.

18:00 – The difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

22:00 – The negative cognitive consequences of wishing ill on somebody.

29:00 – How “Brain Tap” can treat concussions and detoxify your brain.

32:00 – Why “Brain Tap” is better than opioids for pain control.

33:00 – Practical tips to stay focused throughout the day.

36:00 – What Dr. Porter is most grateful for.