In honor of mental health awareness month, we look back at some of our most powerful conversations about mental health. Over the years, Moshe’s been privileged to speak with leaders in the mindset and mental health space. Therapists, life coaches, people who have overcome extreme trauma, and more. And here is some of their incredible insight.

GiGi Diaz on why we must “seize our happiness”:

“I think that, when it comes to our happiness, we are told all the time that we need to be happy ongoingly. And I don’t believe that. I do believe, however, that we do need to be in a state of seizing our happiness. And what that means is, in the times when life gets difficult, when there are obstacles, when it just gets tough and there are obstacles and you’re not sure which way to go … I think we should sit in those moments and feel through it; but we owe it to ourselves to go back to seizing happy.”

Cerebral Palsy advocate Chelsea Bear on sharing her story on social media:

“It’s just a feeling that I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to. Just knowing that I’m able to share such important messages with such a large amount of people, and I’m hoping to make a positive ripple in the world.”

Larry Olsen on why we need to get back to our younger selves:

“You cannot put a price on our own health, and our ability to look forward because that is something we didn’t have to learn when we were kids. If I knocked on your door and we were both five and I said, ‘Moshe, do you want to go out and play?’ You’re going to say, ‘Let’s go play.’ Now, at 40 years old if I knock on your door and say, ‘Hey Moshe, do you want to go out and play,’ do you know what most people’s response is? It’s, ‘Well what do you want to play? How much is it going to cost? How much time is going to be involved?’ … Where did our entrepreneurial spirit go?”

 Mike Chang on why he exercises when he feels stuck or must make big decisions:

“All I’m doing is moving stagnated energy. And I’m getting the tension in my body to release. Which then basically means this energetic container, this body, can house a higher frequency of energy. Now, this higher frequency of energy is basically changing my state of mind.”

Jon Gordon on why mindset is critical:

“We are more thought beings than physical beings because we are energy. And so, our thoughts of who we are, and what we believe, of our perspective and how we see the world determine the world that we see. And so, I know mindset is everything.”

Will Gadd on the fear he faces when he climbs mountains:

“People are often surprised that I have high levels of fear and anxiety. They look at what I do and they’re like, ‘You look really happy dangling off the side of that waterfall.’ And the truth is, I’m happy doing this stuff but what keeps me alive is all the prep work and listening to all that fear and anxiety rather than trying to stuff it into a bucket and put a lid on it. That doesn’t work. That explodes like some kind of bad horror movie. When you lock all that stuff down, it eats you.”