Husband-and-wife internet sensations Steve and Lisa Costa have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media thanks to their clever – and often hilarious – viral videos. They’re giving you the inside scoop on how they create content, how they monetize it, and how you can start doing it too!


2:00 – The moment they decided to press “record” and become content creators.

4:30 – How they’ve thrived as a couple, and kept it fun, for over 20 years.

5:30 – How Steve and Lisa initially went viral, and how their lives subsequently changed.

9:15 – Their children help them edit their videos … and can be their toughest critics.

11:05 – Why Steve and Lisa think it’s important to shoot fitness videos for their fans.

16:00 – Do they bicker when shooting their videos?

18:00 – How to monetize being a digital content creator.

20:30 – Securing endorsement deals as a content creator.

22:10 – Practical tips on how you can overcome being camera shy.

26:00 – Different types of videos fare better on different platforms.