Phil Daru has trained NFL players, UFC fighters, world champion boxers, and Olympic athletes; getting them physically, and mentally, fit for competition. He’ll share what it takes to get your body – and mind – into elite condition, and how to become a more confident and powerful person.


2:40 – What Phil’s mindset was like early on in life, and where it is now.

4:55 – Why knowing yourself, and who you truly are, is so important for your journey in life.

9:20 – Why you need to look at yourself as a “high performer” in order to believe in yourself, and achieve your goals.

13:40 – Why it’s important for kids and teenagers to play sports, and how that helps them create strategic approaches to life.

18:00 – How to stack little “wins” throughout the day, and how that can set you up for success.

21:30 – Phil shares some of the biggest name athletes and celebrities he’s trained, including Kevin James, Dustin Poirier, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, and more.

25:00 – Moshe and Phil discuss the mental discipline that martial arts can teach you, and how that can help you thrive.

29:00 – How mediation can help you gain mental clarity and focus.

34:00 – Phil talks about his newest project with Timbaland.