On Common Denominator, a topic we often explore is mindset – and how it leads to personal and professional growth. And we’ve had some fantastic guests offer expert insight on this critical topic. So, as we reach the end of 2023, we’ve complied ten of our favorite mindset-related tips from the year, with the hopes that they’ll help you make 2024 the best year of your life! Here are a few tips you’ll find in this episode:

Phil Daru On Why You Must Truly Know Yourself:

“I think it’s because of the fact that when you know who you are, you know where you want to go, and you know what you’re going to need to do to get there. Like I said, that was the major turning point in my life – when I found out exactly what I needed to do because of who I was. When I know myself, I know exactly what I need to do and how I need to block out the noise in order for me to focus in on the task. And then when you can focus and you clear away all the clutter, you can see the vision in its full transparency and go for it.”

Dr. Tracy Timberlake On When You Should Go All-in On Your Dreams:

“I always say there are two different kinds of people. There’s person A, who says, ‘I am called to be an entrepreneur and I’m just waiting for the right thing to come along, and then I’m throwing caution to the wind and I’m leaving, because I was never meant to be in this job anyway. I know that I can make it.’ And then there’s person B, who says, ‘Well, I need to see X amount of dollars in the bank coming through the business. I need to make sure I have X amount of savings.’ They sort of have these benchmarks. There’s no right or wrong between these two, but I do think it’s important to know which kind of person you are, and then work towards that.” 

Veronica Vega On leaving music and reinventing herself:

“That was one of my biggest fears – to start over. Because I wanted to finish. I wanted to get to what I had seen already. … I never enjoyed the journey either. Life is a journey, and I wasn’t enjoying it, I was just looking at the final, and I was always trying to get to the final and so nothing in the middle of what I didn’t have yet and where I already was, was good. And so, I was living depressed.”

Sasha DiGiulian On How She Achieves Her Positive Mindset:

“What I do for some of my tools in my kit is, first, visualization is a big part of how I practice. And that will be imagining myself in these extreme situations and bringing myself – through visualization – to really think about it and go deep. I actually write out situations too – I’m a big journaler – and forecasting how I’ll operate in my mind before I even get there. But then there’s also an element of the unknown in climbing, that I can visualize as much as I want about a climb that I’ve never been on, but the reality is that only when I get there will I be able to make that live puzzle piece come together. And so, in that frame of work, a lot of it comes down to breathing. Being in control of my breath enables me to make rational decisions and quickly think on my (toes).’”