Chelsea Bear is a disabled content creator and an advocate for cerebral palsy. She speaks candidly about overcoming bullying, using her platform to inspire others, and proudly navigating through life with a disability.


2:00 – When Chelsea and her family learned she had cerebral palsy.

4:25 – The challenges Chelsea faced as a child with CP.

6:30 – How she proudly navigates living with a disability.

9:15 – When Chelsea knew she had to inspire others.

13:30 – How she felt when her first video about her disability went viral.

15:00 – Chelsea’s advice on how you can embrace advocacy.

16:00 – How Chelsea dealt with being bullied in school.

21:00 – Her strategy for handling mean-spirited comments on social media.

23:00 – Chelsea has numerous brand partnerships to raise awareness.

25:40 – Why Chelsea is grateful for her disability.