Steve Sayre and Kelsey Bohlen are the director and narrator of the new documentary “Ghosts and the Afterlife,” a film that bills itself as the first truly scientific investigation into ghosts and life after death. They’ll tell us why – based on the research – there is no doubt that life continues after we die.

2:20 – Steve talks about being clinically dead for 15 minutes, and what he saw.
6:40 – This film took 12 years to make. Steve explains why it was important to get it right.
12:00 – How science played a critical role in the making of the film.
16:15 – What happens in a near-death experience when your life “flashes before your eyes.”
19:15 – The critical acclaim and awards the film has garnered.
21:00 – Why skeptics need to see “Ghosts and the Afterlife.”
22:30 – Moshe shares his personal near-death experience.