Tony Torres lives a fascinating life. He’s gone from exotic dancer, to prison convict, to head chef and restaurateur, to gym owner and fitness pioneer. He shares his awesome story of grit, resilience, and reinvention.

Time Stamps:

1:40 – Resilience means never giving up.

3:00 – The riveting story behind Tony’s incarceration.

5:20 – What the first night in a jail cell feels like.

7:50 – How Tony turned prison into a positive.

10:20 – How Tony became an exotic dancer.

14:20 – Tony’s experience as a chef and restaurant owner.

19:00 – Tony learned a valuable lesson in business ethics.

25:00 – There’s a movie and a novel based on Tony’s life.

27:30 – What Tony’s learned most in his journey.

30:00 – What he’s truly grateful for.

35:00 – How you can join Tony’s “Buff Dad” online challenge.