Alec Torelli is a world-class poker player and poker coach. He explains how playing poker can improve your focus, presence, and ability to read people, and how these skills transfer from the table to your everyday life.


2:20 – How to use poker training throughout life.

6:15 – Stay calm on the outside, even if you’re raging inside.

13:00 – You learn more from losing a hand, than winning one.

15:40 – What it’s like to play a 24-hour poker game.

19:30 – Staying focused when you’re not actively playing a hand.

23:00 – Why Macau is his favorite place to play in the world.

26:00 – How to read people at the table, and in life.

32:00 – Why Alec’s a real estate investor when he’s not playing poker.

37:00 – What he’s grateful for.

41:00 – Why he got into poker in the first place?