Moshe moves from the host seat to the guest seat, to share his expertise on real estate and why he thinks it should be your #1 investment strategy this year. Plus, insight on refinancing, owning multiple properties, and making strong – yet, smart – offers.


3:15 – 2023 is a GREAT year to buy a home, but you need to think like a contrarian.

4:45 – The expert strategy behind refinancing your home to combat high interest rates.

6:40 – Should you pursue an adjustable-rate mortgage right now?

8:19 – Be confident enough to make low offers on homes, and don’t cave in!

10:00 – Buying vs Renting, and the most important factors to consider.

11:31 – Why Moshe doesn’t love cryptocurrency as an investment strategy.

14:30 – Offsetting the cost of buying a home through loans, renting, and more.

15:50 – Why Moshe isn’t a huge fan of flipping properties.

18:00 – What you MUST do if you’re looking to buy multiple homes as investments.

20:25 – Are there any dealbreakers when considering buying a certain home?

23:30 – Some practical ways to remove emotion from business.