As a man of deep faith, Moshe Popack’s development was shaped at an early age by the enduring values and rich traditions of his ancestral family and their Eastern European roots. His grandparent’s Belorussian and Polish backgrounds, experiences, and stories shared through the generations instilled in Moshe unwavering tenets of respect and celebration of humanity. These are the values central to his Jewish Orthodox faith and those which inspire his life today.

Lit candles
Moshe looking down contemplatively

Influenced by a thoughtful spirituality, Moshe’s faith enlightens his approach to all aspect of his life. For him, faith is about relating to something greater than himself or those within his immediate sphere. This vision provides a clear sense of purpose that embodies his business philosophy, connections to family, and his responsibility to his community and country. Guided by the notion of reserving judgement, Moshe values the common human experience we all share. His personal core value is that every single human being has worth and dignity that needs to be acknowledged, and respected. He considers empathy as being fundamental to interactions with others and believes in the significance of self-actualization as well as empowered self-growth, concepts he regularly fosters in his personal and professional relationships. For this reason, Moshe considers community as our societal foundation, and engagement within communities as essential to a healthy, growing, prosperous society.

Moshe Popack relies on his strong, internal moral compass to inform his core value of integrity, the operating principle in his daily life and interaction with others. Faith is more than a religious virtue, it is also a commitment to a belief system that promulgates honesty, accountability and truth, the essential elements of leadership. Every day is an opportunity to act in large and small ways to take responsibility for one’s actions, successes, and in particular failures. As a man of faith, Moshe Popack strives to lead by example and to navigate through his life with candor, with dedication and with purpose.