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Silhouette of family looking into sunset

Family: Moshe’s Greatest Blessing

It has been said that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. Families are the foundational pillars of support, love, and connection that accompany individuals throughout their lives. Family relationships play a crucial role in personal development, shaping values, beliefs, and social behaviors. The bonds formed within a family contribute to the development of empathy, communication, and a sense of responsibility.

And so, it follows that the need for family love and support goes well beyond any individual need, rather it is a fundamental necessity for a healthy community and a vibrant country. Encouraging, supporting and strengthening the family unit is absolutely paramount for our great country to come together in common purpose once again, and realize the American dream of a more perfect union.

Moshe Popack revels in the value of family. From his heritage of Eastern European immigrants, to the humble life his parents built in New York City, to his own growing family of ten children, Moshe Popack nurtures his family to love, respect and engage with others, actively, in a responsible manner, for the benefit of the entire community.

Americans face many human challenges in our rapidly evolving world— from cultural changes to technology dilemmas; from racial tensions to the debilitating isolation of tribalism — so the need for a universal value — family— has never been greater. In fact, the need for family is fundamental to the human experience, rooted in the innate desire for connection, support, and belonging. Families provide a foundational structure for emotional, social, and economic support. In times of joy and triumph, families celebrate together, creating shared memories that contribute to a sense of identity and continuity. During challenges, families offer a safe space, providing comfort, understanding, resilience, and unconditional love.

Families are building blocks, and they serve to shape the social fabric while contributing to the cohesion of communities. The need for family isn’t just biological; it often encompasses support networks that people create to navigate the complexities of life. Ultimately, the importance of family lies in its capacity to provide a sense of belonging, connection, and enduring support throughout the journey of life.

In Moshe’s family, everybody has an equal voice, and they treat each other with dignity, kindness, and compassion. They are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, but aren’t afraid to offer constructive feedback to each other when necessary. The Popack household is one filled with love, support, and true devotion to each other. They are a tight-knit unit, and have each other’s backs, no matter the circumstance. Moshe Popack has devoted his professional time and personal energy to developing positive solutions for his community through the crucible of building and strengthening the family unit, in health, housing, education, and security. Ensuring opportunity and prosperity for everyone’s family is the means to a stronger country, and a better world.