Moshe Popack and his wife, Yaffa, launched YMP Real Estate Management (YMP) in 2011 in Miami, Florida, and they haven’t looked back since.

Blessed with a keen market sense shrewdly perceiving a rapidly evolving real estate market, some entrepreneurial risk-taking, and a lot of hard work, they quickly built on some early success with residential properties in South Beach and grew their business into a multi-dimensional powerhouse. A decade later, YMP is a sprawling and growing real estate investment and management firm with over 5000 multi- family units in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina; partnership in a waterfront hotel in Miami Beach; and 2 million square feet of commercial office space owned or managed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey. Dedication to honest principles and socially conscious ideals, hard work, perseverance and belief in themselves and the opportunities that America uniquely provides have graced the Popacks with a successful business, and the ability to change lives and communities in the process. The rapid and comprehensive success of YMP Real Estate Management has established them as a respected leader in real estate development, employing over 150 people across the country with an investment portfolio now valued over $1 billion.

Moshe meets with members of YMP Real Estate Management

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YMP operations are built on the central principle of serving local communities with quality, efficiency and professional expertise to rescue distressed or mismanaged real estate situations. In addition, the business is guided by a prudent approach of setting realistic return objectives within acceptable risk parameters for each investment. As part of this philosophy, YMP has successfully invested in two Opportunity Zone investments with strategies to rebuild and reinvigorate stagnant assets and the communities they serve. The commercial investment houses several local non-profit organizations which include child dental care, health and pregnancy centers for women, and other general health care providers.

In 2019, YMP broadened into the Senior Assisted Living and Independent Living markets in South Florida developing and upgrading three existing facilities, restoring the properties to their original condition and appropriate care level. As part of its business philosophy, YMP aims to enhance these properties for the benefit of its residents and the local community. Moshe Popack has a clear vision and business philosophy, incorporating integrity, social responsibility and an entrepreneurial spirit to do well by doing good. It's no secret why YMP is today one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate investment firms and considered by peers to be one of the best places to work in South Florida.